Principles How to Conduct Human Resource And Manpower Planning

Development and growth of the company needs to be supported by competent human resources and has a superior performance. The process of preparation of competent human resources began through systematic human resource planning process. This is done through the establishment of HR planning strategies to acquire, exploit, develop, and maintain the resources in accordance with the company's needs now and in the future development. HR planning should start from the utilization of effective and efficient (optimal) human resources already owned; and will only add to or Recruiting Human Resources from outside if it turns out there is a shortage of human resources to carry out the principal tasks of the company.

Principles of Human Resource Planning:

Furthermore, there are three main principles that need to be considered carefully when conducting HR planning process:
  1. The purpose of HR planning must be linked with the program and the business activities performed by each unit of work. Strategy and plan future business is a fundamental and very important to start planning HR.
  2. Determination of requirements or qualifications appropriate human resources should be designed and used in recruitment and selection. Good HR planning is also always preceded by a clear determination of qualification of human resources and consistently applied in the recruitment / selection.
  3. HR planning process should also be accompanied with a predicted demand (demand) and supply (supply) labor market (internal and external). HR planning should be based on a fairly accurate prediction and is performed continuously, on the pattern of demand and supply of labor, both in the company's internal or external side

Stages of Human Resource Planning:

• Direction of Corporate Strategy:
Stages in the HR planning process starts from the company's strategic direction. Direction of the company's strategy will provide guidance about the profile and needs of employees that need to be met.
Principles How to Conduct Human Resource And Manpower Planning 1
Principles How to Conduct Human Resource And Manpower Planning 1

Thus, it is expected to appear any connection between business strategy in the future with human resource development strategy to be executed.

In other words, strategy and human resource planning program will only have meaning if it is always integrated with the strategic needs of the company in the face of increasingly severe business challenges - both in terms of the macro economy and the competition between companies. In this process, policy and corporate strategy road map will be a source of input for the HR managers in formulating a series of HR planning program to be run.

Factors to Consider in Planning HR:

In the HR planning process, there are three main factors that need to be considered, namely:

Estimated number of workers out (either due to retirement or resignation). Data on the number of employees who exit (retirement or resignation) is the main variable in determining the amount of human resources needs in the future.

Principles How to Conduct Human Resource And Manpower Planning 2
Principles How to Conduct Human Resource And Manpower Planning 2

The need for the company because it will expand or division of the organization. Organizational development plan or a new business unit in the future provide information on how many new employees are needed, and how the qualification requirements.
The financial resources of the company. HR plans always have to pay attention and tailored to the company's financial resources. In terms of human resource planning is expected to be able to provide a solution using labor costs the most optimal (efficient and effective).

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