5 Ways To Call Search Engine Traffic Or Visitors To Your Blog Posts

The blogosphere is growing, and competition is tight. Every blogger in most cases seek to two things. Traffic and popularity. But you need not only the amount of traffic, but also loyal and faithful readers. How to attract traffic?

Write "Killer" Blog Posts:

You must be wondering, how can you overtake traffic by publishing "strong" article? But in fact, it is possible. "Killed" blog posts are those that tend to cause a desire to share them with your friends. Try to win the heart of your readers and the content will be automatically promoted. Add a bit of humor, personal experiences and ask them questions. You will not regret it. Mark my words!

Do Not Forget About Your Social Environment:

Such social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+  used by millions of people at a time, so why not use it? Do not forget about the presence Fan page of your blog, personal Twitter Account, Google Friend Connect..

Create Sustainable Online Presence:

This is one of the best strategies for professional bloggers who touched the line positioning on the Internet. Wait a second, can I ask you a question? If you see me around on the Internet, in the discussions, as a writer, as a specialist in its field, the acclaimed, you probably want to know more about me in social networks, try to delve into my online profiles online. Right?

5 Ways To Call Search Engine Traffic Or Visitors To Your Blog Posts
5 Ways To Call Search Engine Traffic Or Visitors To Your Blog Posts

Therefore, try to be everywhere.

Try to make "guest" posts on blogs respected and do it often. I do not have a clear plan in writing my articles. If I publish an article on his blog, the next article will be a guest post somewhere else. And it works! Leave your comments on other blogs, it's also a good way to attract a bit of attention. Leave a comment with valuable information or satisfying, "hearty" messages in the form of comments on other blogs. Be regular guests on these blogs and be the first who commented so you can attract 40% of full-fledged visitors to your blog. Believe me! Be active on the forums, it will not only help you with reciprocal links and SEO, but will also help in creating a powerful online web presence.

Give Them The Opportunity To Share:

What if you have amazing content that your readers want to share, but are not able to do this? This is what I call a total mistake. Make sure that the reader is able to share the information he found on your blog. Provide pop-up button or social networking buttons put bottom of your post. You do not want to miss the opportunity to share information. Right?

Optimize Your Content For Search Engines:

Before considering, let me tell you something. You should always make content for your readers first and foremost to create "natural" (real) traffic. People will read your blog posts, and not just any bots, write to them and not just optimize your posts for SEO. So make sure that you write for your readers. Balance the optimization of 65%: 35% of the recording quality to SEO.

Half an hour a keyword search for the post will be enough before you start writing articles on the site (blog).

Let me ask you a question. Suppose you need to download the song in good quality from the film "Titanic." How would you find them?
Titanic songs


To download the song in high quality from the film Titanic

Most likely the latter. Right? It's a long pass phrase. This is how people often search the Internet. When you write a new article, think in terms of the user, the reader, and use some spectacular long keyword phrases. Include them in your content, and try to avoid a repeat of the same length phrases.

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