SEO Is End Or Not? By Adding Google New Features Can Website Help To Make Money

In this article is want to tell you that Google Launched there new features like Google Inside or many other features. This helps allot for people just visiting by Google home page and enter something which they want and Google Inside give them answer these tips and techniques used by Google is definitely work and your website or blog get low traffic by these features Google is a master in this field they know that how to make his own business most powerful and most profitable. But this means not your blog can't get traffic. I have a small tutorial about is SEO is Finished in this Era or not? Because people are using Social Sites with Excess amount or Facebook is the most using Social Sites.

While working in Internet marketing specialist Cosmetic Clinic chirrups noticed that almost 50% of consumers reach us by mobile phone. Thus while browsing phone users have a lower visibility of the area and the AdWords advertising is the most interesting because it is the very top of the phone and surfing is not as convenient as a computer.

Observing colleagues really noticing the trend that a mobile phone is not just a tool to send SMS messages, make calls, or extra case to use the internet, and it is the people refuse to use the computer and uncomfortable phones wherever it suits them. Traveling by train, have dinner or drybsant to the TV. Google and Facebook have not remember who provided the data that the first step is asleep or getting up the phone checking email, browsing and social networking. Thus, the bed is not only for us but also for smart phones.

What can you see from Google Analytics , the smart phone users often spend up to 5% of the time the website for more than computer users, and 10 percent more visits web pages. Conclusions can be made such that a Mobile Phone us more inclusive and information pages are read more, of course, it may also lead to the text size, and the phone is not intended website.

So, why did time for a new browser? Google looks to me seems technologically obsolete and the time comes, and that "Pinterest" type of browser, which will consist of images. You say, but how the heck resounding headlines? There is something said that the word usually has only one meaning, and thousands of photo or image. If you know someone who devised to create a browser, press his hand, he may soon become a new millionaire. 

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