How To Change Links Automatically On WordPress Site By Using Plugin Also Translate With Reflection Version

Do you sit and develop your site locally, on a temporary URL, or shall move your WordPress site to a new domain and long disturbed you that you must update all the links and links of images manually? It did anyway before I knew this amazing plugin which allows you to replace all links at once!
The Name Of The Best Plugin Is Velvet Blues Update URLs

It is very simple, upload and activate it. When you visit plugins page to change your links so you specify only the old bit of link you want to change and what the new should be and click on it to update then you will have saved lots of time and have a bowl right new links.

Checkout The Below Pictures To See Properly.

Check If  There Are Links That Do Not Work Or Broken Links:

It can even fit to write a series about another plugin whose function is to check if your wordpress page has a link that does not work, install the plugin so the Hamburg automatically track of your links, you can see how many people do not work, how many you have in total so on. This is good if you have more pages where it can be hard to keep track. 

To Check The Broken links Of  Your Website Broken Link Checker

Import And Export The WordPress To New Site Version:

When you extend your website with an additional language, you want the most often have the same structure, same pages on your current language. This is why many people today are running a plug when they shall have an additional language on its Website. This allows you to solve simple to use WordPress custom import / export tools.
  • Simply go into the admin panel for your current version out of hand and tool so you can find the tab "Export".
  • By default choice is "All content 'is selected, which it should be.
  • Click to download the export file.
  • Go to the new version of your website
  • Import it after you install importing tool for WordPress .
  • Now you have your content imported to the new site / version of your page and can easily translate it along the current version.
Do you have any questions about WordPress multiple site, please leave a comment here and I will try to answer it as soon as possible!

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