How I Submit Sitemap of My Website In Google Search Engine

In this tutorial i will show you how to submit your website blog sitemap to Google search engine for better indexing your content and increase your page rank. If you are a new in this field then don't worry you problem solution is here. Let's start this tutorial when you purchase your custom domain like [] for example and you are rank your website content then make to do this.

Now Start With First Step:
1. Submit your sitemap to webmaster tools.
2. Make your analytic account.
3. Make more page to better SEO.
4. Check your page indexed Level.

To submit sitemap go to webmaster tools. Click the red button Add/Test Sitemap. 
Your domain address is already written in this but to submit sitemap you can just write this word to submit your sitemap to webmaster. 

Write this sitemap.xml simple and click submit and refresh your page after this your sitemap is submit and on pending in between one day your content is index by Google search engine. 

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